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Restaurant Ah Paw

Today evening I went over Bandar Puchong Jaya for a dinner myself after finish my work.
and being drop to a place know as Restaurant Ah Paw (Check out the map at bottom of this blog for the location) . The place was located behind the public bank-maybank shop-lot rows which is opposite IOI Mall. Not much people eating in there. May be due to the geometrical position I think.

They were selling foods such as chicken rice, wan tan mee (cloud swallowing noodle), etc.
And today I ordered a curry chicken rice, with Yeo's jasmine green tea.
Surprisingly, curry chicken was a lots, Haha. And nice too! ^^

Here I'd recommend for those carnivorous human being to have smell the chicken and hunt in there.
The price may be a bit high compared to normal coffee shop.

But it's a nice place to try out. =)

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