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A quick updates out of some busy-ness.

Last sunday was having a hot convocation for my degree course. Haha, Grandma was look so happy at that moment, and my mum, and my sis. They're all like kinda release and happy. Haha ^^

All the while, I really have to thank for the one who have helped me a lots and lots for getting me until today, which is my sis.
She also one the happiest to attend my convocation. =)
Having all the way fetching my mum, sis and grandma down to KL, and all the others preparation that have been done for. Encouragements, supports, suggestions, etc..
Then thanks that need to deliver to her is more than the "Thanks" it means.

Yet, in my family, some male were seems to be short-life-ed, my father and my sis's father (as some may surprise for this sentence, =) , I add on that my sis was actually my cousin, keke) was passed away in our young age. Where we all live and grow up in a family that mother is the one who taking all the responsible in the family, helps among relatives was the only survival methods that can sustain such living.

If I would compare myself with my sis, I was lots and lots more weaker than her. She was too great for her life until now. Getting a diploma on her on while her family was rejecting her study, growing strongly without much of the helps, and more..

Even she always mention she proud of me, this brother, but I do always can say proud of her, this sis.
Until now, I was still not doing my part very well in my family. My little sis and my mum was still living Penang, and getting cares from my sis. Which I now should be responsible for them. But I've stayed at KL.

But the live in KL won't be long as well. Alternatives way is always have, when the times is come, I will do according to the condition =)

All my family members were hoping me to get a higher education recognition, as my little sis is still their second hopes.
But apart from my stubborn. I've rejected to do so. Yes, I am agree I've consider too much for the cost and every settlements that need for further improvement in my education. I was too worry about the condition that will come later when they having great hopes on me and using all those blood-sweat money they have. And true to myself that I am not a good student who can pursue good results. Only innovation, creativity will drive me to learn and to work. I'd rather go do-to-learn more than read-to-learn. This is why sometimes I tend to choose hard-life road rather than easy one. Haha.

Well, till now, all the best to myself and my family that we have reach so far today. I will work more hard to improve on myself. Still, a better life to you all is my happiness to be.


And, here i share out the e-Album and a video snapped while the convocation, =) Enjoy myself and everyone!

Picasa Album

Youtube Video - Throwing head :p


  1. halo, my dear wei siong (the first fren I met when studied at KL). My opinion about wei siong is-caring,passion and commitment to whatever he does. Even though,sometimes certain matters might not suite his taste.

    jz addressed by guests of honor in our convo. You are rite, we have to express our sincere appreciation and deepest gratitude to those who put a lot of efforts, scarification in order to see our success. Esp. our family members.

    Right now you are young, and jz graduated. I believe you can contribute to your family eventually.

    Cheers, gambate

  2. Haha, Thanks so much my first buddy to met while i alone first time in KL. =)

    All the best to you!
    Cheers for your journey goes on =)


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