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The era of Wireless

Today have went to sunway hotel for a seminar on wireless solution. The seminar was organised by a world ranking wireless manufacturer, Prosoft and Vector, which the later is the partner in Malaysia. Name of the seminar was actually Wireless Industry Technology Solution Seminar 2008. Here really have to thanks Ray for invited me to go along to attend this event, it really widen my knowledge.

So far, for the concept of wireless I only know is laptop wifi usage, Bluetooth function of laptop and handset, others may like walky-talky type that use radio wave transmittance.

From the seminar, Prosoft’s Manager Mr. Alan was a person who is very friendly and humorous. From his presentation, I realised that in the coming future, wireless will a replacement for wired automation, where, the application of the current technology will facing some sort of evolution.
It is very interesting to know how actually the wireless history comes about, where it actually came from military demand.. Oh~~
The evolution of 802.11b/g/a also interesting. Knowing there were actually have license fee for certain frequency in different country. Haha.

For Ray, the implementation of wireless solution on his vibration monitoring equipment really make the equipment becomes very professional-wise. For me, haha, I thinking for my side.. will be good if applied to field monitoring as well in the agriculture farm. Keke.

Anyway, its lucky also to get drawed for the free 2GB cute pendrive from this seminar, Haha.

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