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MAHA Expo 2008

Today, I went to Mardi with Ray to visit the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture, and Agrotorium Exhibition 2008, a.k.a. MAHA 2008. The exhibition is at the Malaysia Agro-Exposition Park, located just after Second Extrance of Mardi. Last for two weeks actually since 11 Aug, can visit the website

This exhibition caught my attention even before it start. Is because the huge huge huge empty space in Mardi was built up a single standalone theathre like building. Oh my~~ Really big one.

When we reach there at noon, it really amazed me. So many car come here for the expo! Big car park, even buses-es, and tractors as well, keke. The tractors is function as a shuttle tranport in the area. Imagine the size... hoiyo. I really wonder what is so intersting inside. Man, for those who is free, really have to spend ur time come over to here! Parking fee is now reduced to RM 2. =P

While on the way to the auditorium, there's alot of stall selling some foods and plants. Saw alots of Malay visitors. And they were carrying bags of foods, some carry the plants. Haha, I start to feel weird for this exhibition. Like looks funny.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Go into the biggest auditorium there, the place is big as PWTC exibition hall. Really lots of agricultural information there. But due to we short of time, I just wondering around for some company I interested in. The main Hall was interesting for what it exhibit inside. After that, we went out and search for other hall, and I saw big big banner written there "Agriculture is Business". keke. Oh.. my....

But getting more n more sienz when go to other halls.
There are three more exhibit sites, located in three different hall. These hall are used for exhibit research machinery, international things, and foods processing or what.

Visitors hanging around in the Agro-exposition park were all like come to attend a big carnival. Buy buy eat eat, keke. After wondering around at there half day, and on the way back to the car. I have a funny feeling for this MAHA 2008.

It just make me feel like this event is a big pasar malam. Can say the biggest pasar malam ever in Malaysia.
and also, the purpose of spending so much money to build this build that for the exhibition is like just a waste. The objectives said wanted to promote agriculture industry, exhibit latest international technology, so on and so forth... But I just feel like the money is just spin spin around between Malaysian and Malaysian. If say something not so nice is like Syok Sendiri. May be influent by BeiJing Olympic, our Malaysia like very good in spin the money within Malaysia, and not much seen to let oversea's currency to flow into the land. And will stil feel proud and happy all the time. keke, Is good actually.

Also hope I can gain more experience on the real market world to let me more understand on how it work actually.

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