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Some trend in aquaculture.

This morning while I having my breakfast near my house, I come accross a seminar about culturing leech in China Press (Cost rm 700++ for each person, O.O! oh my goddess..). Something cross my mind about aquaculture.

Recently I've know few company that culture some organism for the supply in the market. Why I called weird? They are actually just red worm and leech, and may be other common organism.

These organism may be very very common and we are never put a damn on them at all, haha. Or may be when we come across them, our reaction may be "ye..ew!! die you creature!! die!!..." But for other people, they turn them into something valuable.

When I first meets these business owner, they told me the market actually need a high demand on these. And, it really surprise me. Those raw materials are actually supply to cosmestic manufacturer and some other manufacturing factory. And it even more sur-surprise me. haha.

The needs is the enzyme and some chemical compound in the red worm or leech that make them so special to extract out and implement into human-use product. Some aquaculture farm related to leech, red worm, and other small organism cultivation already long existed in Malaysia. Shame to me that I never know them at all.

And for some time, I think biotech man-power might require by them to increase production by quality and quantity. So those who have high interest to work in aquaculture, please don't miss these golden chances. hehe.

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One of the thing I realise so far while I doing sales in research field, is that, Malaysia is a resourceful country. Not like other country that may lack of certain materials of demand and require to out-source from other country. But still, Malaysia is still far low-grade than those less resource country. I was one time wonder why.

Probably, I also know from others, that people live in Malaysia already have a habit of wasting. There are quite a number of land that still not utilised. Food supply also should not be a problem to feed the 25 million mouths. But we are still alots of complain and reasons to be spoken for what we have not become a developed contry after 50 years. For my very own opinion, its the attitude. With this attitude, we may forecast after 50 years of developing our country, we will still become what we are now, a developing country.

Ever since know this, we shuold put more and more efforts to bring ourself up, I think. There are only few five-years we can have, shouldn't just waste them. Haha.


  1. ya, u r rite, previously i heard that our gov also got project in leech,

    we have great resources, a lot of of flora and fauna, but we still hv to put more effort in human resource, otherwise one day, "foreign giant" will exploit our resource, tat time who are we going to blame for? haha

  2. haha, ya lo, we have to beware of the dragon and elephant.

    They are eyeing the resources hunggily.. keke


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