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Marccus goes WiBroad...

Today, 16 August.. Day after Lee Chong Wei Win (But shamfully, I din watch it.. keke)

I was sign up for the well known so-far-ok-ok maxis broadband. Hope to end my bored life in puchong.

Since there is limitation for this maxis broadband with capped usage per month 3GB up/down rate, I think I only able to use 100MB up/down max per day. Its quite a limitation actually. But nevermind, the purpose for me to use this wireless broadband is not to torrent or flying my saliva all over the world in digital form at night. So, its still fine to me.

Already more than three month working in Lee Hung Sci, time flies really fast. So far busy around running for sales, I'm just keep implement ways to bring up the sales volume. Even though the sales target was not hit every month (keke..), but I also have put some hardwork in these month.

But now I was given the task to handle on the CID thing. Those agriculture / plant physio equipment are very not famous in Malaysia. But last few day I received the user list from Ying Yan, who is the person incharge for CID international sales. From her helps, I've know that CID was quite a famous equipment especially in China, India. I think there is still alot more I can do for Malaysia market. haha.

Running for sales so far, I've getting more interest to do some research. But there is limited budget, time, equipment, source, knowledge, and much more. But nevermind, when there is a will, there will be way.

Hope that everyone is fine out there, and hope choon kiat have a safe journey to reach UK very soon. =)


  1. Long time didn't saw you blogging
    Good ;p

    Biotech really need more opportunity in research area...
    Everything will be better
    Wish us all luck ;p

  2. haha, buddy, as mentioned by tian chad, really din see u blogging for ages d, hehe..everyday looking forward to see my bloglist, and check whether u got update bo..:-)

    hope one day, we can do research together...haha :-),

    ya, as long as we think positively way in the future of btech and hv a global mind. i believe there is a great potential in this field.

    thank for ur wishes, yea..i wil take care of myself when come to a piece of foreign land.

    Will rmb u guys always. Wish u guys all da best as well

  3. Haha, you both are the frequent visitors here. =)

    I think I'll have more time to update my blog since I now able to online after work and while weekend. keke.

    All the best for both of you. Cheers!


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