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In the Office


So long din up here to put down some words.
dusty dusty ler~~~

Now ady 3rd month in Lee Hung and everyday goes fun and tired.
Fun while joking around while working
but tired while waiting bus back home...

Hope that there wont be too long for the time for me to keep waiting the rapid-metro-rapid bus trip.

Since start working till now... even have quoted few quotations but those items seems need longer time for closing. keke. but never mind. the process not that suffer actually. as i can keep scounting, explore, and searching other place.

Hmm~~~ actually cant online at home only can only while in office..

next time write more liao..
Hope everything everone is fine ~~


  1. hi, welcome back. haha, looking forward to seeing your next post.

  2. Haha, hope i can more frequent to update in here. (:p, which indirectly mean i'm more curi tulang, wakaka)


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