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Today, after cycle through few websites, here is something to share with.

TMJ: Temporomandible joint and muscle disorder

This disorder is due to some problems occurs in the connection area between temporal bone and mandible.

Problems that addressed by NIDCR such as: discomfort and muscle pain at the joint area, internal derangement or dislocate of jaw, and arthritis at the joint area.

Symptoms for TMJ may be as following:
• Pain in face, ear, jaw, or neck,
• Jaw muscle become rigid,
• Locking jaw,
• Painful when open or close mouth,
• Slightly misalignment of upper and lower teeth.

Treatments are basically target for pain relief that due by TMJ. Well~ even in NIDCR that updated at 2006, also stated research still on its way toward better treatment for this disorder.

These are the few sources that the infos here being brought forward.
eMedicine health - TMJ
Spenser S. Eccles Health Science Library - Human Osteology, The skull

Haha, actually after about 8 years only i knew~ i suffer this disorder for such a long time.
Well, basically it doesnt cause much problem to me. But the only problem annoyed me may be are the constant headache and discomfort that make me always "play" around with my jaw (open and close, open and close.. haha).

Here I written this up for sharing of info and if anyone have similar problem with me,
we may share our experience on it. haha.


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  2. I wonder when did I start getting those jaw sound when I open and my mouth. It is only at the right side of my jaw.

    Is it consider as T.M.J. too?

  3. ∆ celular ∆
    thanks! :)

    ∆ 永遇乐 ∆
    mm, i think may be only, for mine is, left side often more loosen.


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