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Marccus playing bird bird

There is being of some times using microsoft outlook to access the e-mails in Lee Hung Sci..
Getting boring and boring up-on it.. keke, is all because I've being used to use apple Mail as my mail client all the while.
And there is one feature that I like and It appear in Oulook in a horrify way.. X.X
>> Mail Threads <<

But since the company was giving a free Dell Inspiron 1420 with Win Vista pre-installed, there is no way for me to use Apple Mail.
Then there after 2 month plus plus with M$ outlook, I've decided to switch to Mozilla Thunderbird.

So now I've move everything in the outlook into that Bird, such as inbox, outbox, sent, unsent, template and whatever box, signatures, calendar sync with google calendar, etc etc.. And also, start installing those many type of add-on that available free in the website.

So now I've geared up with bird bird in this Sept, wakaka..

>> Who ever interested just go and download, bird bird is totally free.
Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0

and sure, go for those add-on after install it, keke..
Thunderbird Add-on


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