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Its Ready...

The pump was heated up!
The water was flowing!

Its ALIVE!!!

hehe.. finally, the system is completed and ready to load up with fishes, bacteria and plants~

This is the final view for the whole thing..



The fishy home~


The plant-plant house~


What will gonna put into it?

Here is the thing i just bought today in jusco~~

Broccoli! (Yum Yum!! hehe..)

and suppose another one is tomato.. but since cant get it.. so..
Bitter Gourd!!!


Everything is going on schedule~ Next week will have the opening of the utar aquaponic station (so called lar, haha..)


mm.. and recently, I've a new roomate appeared in my room!!!

Who is he???

HE is...........

meet the fellow~~
>>> Liu Bei gundum <<<

muahaha.. now he will join me in the boring house here~

wat is my comment to him??

he is so cute and cute n cute..... wakakak
many action move he can do. ~~~lol~~~

but he have no eye yet, hehe..
later will buy some paint to put his eye on.. haha

and together with him, got... 2 samurai blade and a unique emperor sword!
he can chop chicken meat if you wan. wakaka...
any chicken chop? order? ^^

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