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In the process...

Yohoo~~ today the roof was finally built up!!~~ wakaka..

Satisfaction.. mm~~~ nice.. hehe

Morning~ the work continued from yesterday~


then.. tied up the whole big piece of blue thing...


this knot make it more fortified, preventing from blowing off by wind..


Big Knot~ hehe..

and now the floor is protected from sun beam particle hitting~ ^^


After whole day doing with this big blue thing.. Finally is completed and the floor was washed...


And these was the actual complete work that view from the top floor. hehe :p



Now is just left the system setup~ hehe. tml will start settting up lu~~

Hmm... today was quite a happy day for Molecular lab..
c yoke fun got her band~ wow.. jumping so happily.. haha
then chong siong oso finally get his "G" band appeared. wakaka.. c his reaction so funnny. :p
then ange, PA them oso got the band~
hoiyo.. hurray!~~ ^^ hehe
but c liang wei get scared in between ange n PA was so funny, haha.

Tonight also go out meet up with Mint gang.. wakaka
Really Long Time din c u funny guy!~~

so syok hear u all speaking slang.. the way u all talk very funny. wakaka..

And after having a big push to my stomach at Saisaki.. Hoiyo, feel wanna vomit out the sushi.. blek! X.X

When walking bac to lrt~ again i saw the pretty KLCC jagungs.. n take a quick snap~


oo... today is very tired lo!~~~~

go rest ady..

b4 that. Wish my love love Good Luck in her presentation~~ ^^ yes! you can do it!!

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