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FYP fever~

Yeah~ FYP fever~

hehe.. but not real fever though..

work in molecular lab for 6 weeks, n there actually so much fun. hehe.. even is tired, boring n sometimes get scolded..

wat can do wen caught myself in bored environment is.. kacao lab-mates. wakaka.. mostly chong siong will kena.. keke

doing Dna work for shrimps food actually drive me crazy awhile.. have ever imagine getting DNA from "har my"? or "belacan"? haha..
This title is actually dr alan joking with me.. i think..

but after 5 weeks of getting Empty Lane gel.. FINALLY!!! i got a nice single band for PCR product.. wakakaka

Yeah~~~ n that one is just for Hamhar..
still got dried shrimp, belacan, n cincaluk to go~~ (n i kinda like spoilt that cincaluk sample.. dr alan stil dono that.. if not... -_-||| )

But no use oso lar~ since i switching to new project.. Those will just for fun~ :p lucky dr alan stil let me continue.. hehe

Coming up Next!~ Aquaponic
now i've another supervisor besides dr alan~ thats dr gideon! the fish guy~
(wakaka, let him know i die...)

today just setup the "roof" for my new "lab" with new master student - James.. hehe..

take a sneak peak on it..

tml will continue to built all up n hopefully can start running the system..
wow~ it will surely excited! ^^

n this week is the ktar NBDC~
have go for blood sucking process... hehe

who capable for that just go lar~

~~Blood for Life~~

n some n get nice goodies.. wakaka

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