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Be a pack leader

While on the way revising some stack of notes for the coming exam.. I've make free times to browse internet after get skrewed up by those army-of-words..

In the national geographic website, I found this guy. >> Cesar Millan <<

Who he is?

He is a mexican guy famous among dog lovers. Those who have watched the "Dog Whisperer" certainly know who I talking about. :)

His ability amaze me!
What kind of ability? well... it's the ability to "Communicate" with dogs!! Can said all kinds of dog. And know their behavior very well!!

When human faced emotional problems like stress, depress, or getting themselves unbalanced inside, they seek counsellor or psychologist. And for dogs with such difficulties.. I think Cesar will be the solution :)

Discipline, he said, is needed to guide dogs. We human for such a long time have live along with dog, and we already play the role as their leader. The dog which also can be say as canine (was heard to be pronounced as K-9), is same as wolf that share the same family Canidae. In wolf pack, they have a great one who will be their leader that control and secure the pack. Domestic dog is not living in a pack, but they share same characteristic, they need a dominant role to lead them, or else, they need to learn to become the dominant one.

How Cesar train those bad dog to become good dog is not called train actually. He more to propose rehabilitate of emotional unbalanced dogs and let the owner know what kind of role they should be to their pet.

There are many interesting story where how Cesar's method work, and some can review them from NGC sites. Who is a dog lovers highly recommend for watch! :)

Click this image to goto the NGC Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer page.

The link to...

NGC Cesar's DW Video

NGC Cesar's DW Blog

Yet, there also have some critics about Cesar's act on the internet. Said that what he did was not respecting the dog. ????
Haha, no doubt, human is subjective, they have their own thought.
It just depend on what kind of view point the person at.. nothing big deal~ ^^

Yea~~~ Lets dog lovers more loves their dogs!~~~

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