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Coming up project...

Recently happen that i've need to go thru reselection for my final project title.
At first, I was very enthusiastic in getting the title regarding the antioxidant, which Dr Soon had offered it.
Why do I choose that title?
It because I do interest in getting touch with the things involve antioxidant. But actually the work that Dr Soon offered is very basic. And why did I still choose it? Then it simply because I know antioxidant is getting great involvement in this world that have high potential in healing almost every disease. Oops, not to say healing, but is prevent. People studying science but not aware of what happening around. Free radical had been very early known to be the root for most chronic diseases of either fast evolve or degenerative in the world. This is why the reason the word “antioxidant” getting hotter and hotter nowadays.

hmm.. but it quite frustrating when the selection list of mine have to go for second selection.
What I've been earlier planned does come to what it should be.

Never mind.. then what I have for second selection?
Molecular works, mammals diversification studies, algae morphological studies, and some soy bean enzyme things..

-_-||| totally out from what I want earlier..

okay, after scanning thru those title.
I've pre-decidided for Dr Alan's molecular studies, Dr Han's field studies, and probably the worst Dr Wong's algae things?

Having a little bit hard time for making those decision.. That simply because I just don't want simply choose a title based on what people said is good or easy to do, or easy to get an A, or what.
Since things goes to what I unexpected, I just have to put more bit of seriousness in this.

Putting some time finding info, and is from senior thesis only.. Dr Han's student's thesis were quite “thin”. Haha, that seems to be quite easy. But after awhile, don't know why still end up choosing Dr Alan. The very unpopular-to-be-choose lecturer and the very popular-to-be-don't-care-students-project lecturer. Haha, what's wrong with me? I also don't know. May be kena “chi kek” by first selection, now finding some what people said is “hot” stuff to do only.

But not so easy.. After see some journal, and go meet up with Dr Alan and asking for his project. Haha, kena shot. Yes, was admit that I didn't find enough information about the title. Okay, even shot a bit by him, I still very interesting for that title may be due to I think my mind coming up some idea already or may be I like things goes in challenging way.

Yea, even called catherine, senior who done the title, for review on her thesis as well, cause the thesis left in library still not suitable to be review. What to say? Getting more interest into it. But really thanks for the help from catherine :)

Today I was going to uni for submitting the form to Dr Sit. also getting a copy of draft thesis from catherine. Still, had meet up Jullian awhile and touch this thing, haha, as usual he also advise me not to go for the very unpopular-to-be-choose lecturer and the very popular-to-be-don't-care-students-project lecture. Never mind. I've just decided.

Before going to submit the form and going back home, I've a brunch in cafeteria. Oh? Dr Alan is coming to eat lunch as well.
He saw me and came forward to sit in front of me for having his lunch. haha, what a coincident. And then, we have a almost 1-hour conversation.. oh my~~

Have touched some issues about the final year project, Actually, he was not bad at all. Haha. Just the way he do is not the way student like. What is the way student like? Yea, as he say as well, easy and convenient to them. And the Fyp given to student are not to let student rely on lecturer to done the project. The Fyp is student's project. Student have to be know what they want for themselves and conducting them in the Fyp. Its a great chance for doing a research, NOT a experiment protocol like in normal practical. Asked again more from his title, he added that molecular work is the basic for a biotech person. Hmm, true also.. If a person doesn't know much about molecular work, a bit strange to say he/she in biotech field. (Feel shame for myself that not choosing the molecular work at first.. X.X) From him that I just realize, yet, for his title, everything will prepared you, and you just done the work. Done the work in the sense of? 1) I do it myself, everything 2) ask from lecturer, then I do what lecturer said 3) look from protocol that people done before, then do similar but a bit modified from them. Yea, certainly he meant for the first one. Student have to have their interest in the title they selected. And also, we have some discussion on how student choose their project. He do say some of the student the criteria they used was not correct, this is why student choose the wrong title for themselves. Choosing a title is not based on how easy it can be done and how easy it can be scored an A, or how lecturer will help you out much? It really need student's enthusiasm about the title they choose. However, the attitude of student is the root for this problem. This applied when searching for jobs as well in future. What is your criteria in selecting the job? easy to work, less work and high pay? He smile. Yea, most student do think like that. May be because of attitude, even there got so much enrollment in biotech course, but end up those who really skillful to be graduated are quite less. Haha, he even add in the natural selection in our conversation. In such situation, student have to know what is happening around them and make evolve to adapt the situation. Hope this Fyp will reach it aim to improve student attitude. Haha, quite glad my friends some are not too bad in their attitude. :)

After all, had submitted the form and just wait for the reply. Hope this time I get that title and not waste for the work I done again.

Still a lot more to prepare for final, haha. My course works were at lower mark categories due to my not so hardwork in this sem, aiyaya~ challenges again.
What a wonderful life~ ^^

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