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D.I.Y. Making a curtain~

Thing was happen like this....

recently there found few holes on my wardrobe cloth, and also cross in my mind that my ex-roomate chin hong do gave me his old curtain cloth that he not using last last time. That cloth was the same as mine nicely fit to my wardrobe..

Then there's a change of cloth session for my wardrobe~~ hehe..

Left the old cloth now... what to do with it?

Haha~ facing my head to the shinny light in my room.. to the window....

I've never had a curtain for my only window in my room since I move in. Should I go make one for it?

then.... with the big cloth hanging on that window... and massive boredom keep annoying me.....
the idea comes up ~~~

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okay~ How to make a curtain? It was very easy~~ muahaha...

Items: clean big cloths that fit the window required, a strong steel string, scissor, and pen.

Time needed: less than 30 minutes.

Step 1:

Scissors was used to cut the steel string to make a small hook, which shaped S, N, or Z that what ever looks like in the pic bellow. A number of them that you needed to fit to the size of your cloths was made. And here, I've make 7 of them to fit my cloth.

Step 2:

Few holes were marked by pen. Each of the hole made was to be raftly equally in length to the neighbors. About 0.50 cm was cut using scissors at each mark. Note that there require a hole that about 4.00 cm from each end.

Step 3:

The small hooks made at step 1 were nicely fit into the hook holder at the curtain holder steel.

Step 4:

Now the cloth was gently hooked into the position.

Step 5:

As if the cloth used was easy-to-torn type, which as mine in this case. It's recommended to hook the cloth from the centre holes outward and space one hole in between the hooking process. This is to avoid from torn the cloth.

Step 6:

After fitting all the hook correctly to the holes on cloth, it should look nice and neat.


open it up...


I have a curtain~~ muahahahha... ^^

This was the new outfit for my wardrobe ^^

okie, its time to start study~~~

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