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Today suddenly have a unnecessary work to busy with..

what happen nie?.. it was the roof problem.
Yesterday snow ar~~~
no lar, is big rain.. hehe

Big big rain until the roof nearly collapse. scary.. lucky James manage to save it before he leave.
so today have to do something to strengthen it lar..

aih... what to do? boss order wan to do like that..
budget budget until something wrong lo~ haha.

The roof was untie, loosen down, to re-insert the new pipes structure..
After it untie.. become the look of first day wen we wan to make it up.


Then the works goes whole day long...... to make it just all right back...

aih~~~ really waste enery, waste money, waste dono wat some more....

But fortunately, the work was able to done before sunset lar~


Does it look more tough? more strong?
stil dono yet.. wat can do is wait the big storm come bac again...
Now is just believe it, Hope it work well~~ omitohot

hehe, then today we add some more funny thing that, crossing water paip from toilet cross over the air n reach the "lab" place.


Hoiyo~~ in this pic like look so geng.. haha

wait tml n c hows the thing goes lar~
and another hopes is that the seed of broccoli n bitter gourd can come out tml morning!! >.<

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