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Letter from Duc Duyet

Today after work and reach home, saw this letter on my table.

Guess what? haha, is the updates from World Vision about Duc Duyet XD

This is the how the annual progress report looks like.

You see you see!! Duc Duyet can write his name well!! haha! XD

and also he draw something about flowers, houses, and sun (in green =P He remind me about environment protection? haha XD)

Some of his personal details.
You can see... the kindergarden is 3KM from his home... =X
and his best friend is Ha, Tren Phu (is it a she? nyek nyek nyek =P)
and he wake up more early than me!!!

This is his new photo. hehe. very healthy and happy.

zooom'ed (sorry for the darkness of the photo =X)
Cute smile right? haha XD

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

actually honestly, last month I havn't pay to World Vision due to lack of money on my side also. Me myself also poor to the max actually XD
So this month I can then pay for previous month and current month also, hehe, cause just just get salary from my new job XD

and for who interested to sponsor a children as well, please look into this [link] or can go directly to World Vision. RM 50 a month, not that hard burden yet right? =)



  1. aww that is so sweet he sent u all those thing n he is cute :))

  2. yalo XD haha, really cute.
    and shame on me that havn't send anything to him, haha

  3. haha CK waiting for you now XD


  5. wah, marccus, ur son!!! how's the feeling of daddy?? must responsible la...

    I oso wanna join this. but after i earn enough 1st. then only i can feed them till 'fei fei bak bak'

  6. i oso wont join, but wait till i earn enough 1st, then can feed them till 'fei fei bak bak'

    u as a dad ah, must responsible mah!!

  7. Richard: haha XD u also very cute lar. XD

    Joanne: okie, the kids waiting you there XD I also hope can get one CC for the transaction so that i no need everytime go purchase the wang pos in pos office =X

  8. Awww what a beautiful little boy (: (:

  9. whoaamello: Yes he is! haha XD

  10. Wow, u're sponsoring a child??? Cool! The boy is so cute ^^

  11. Christina, ya, you can go sponsor one in World Vision also XD
    He truly is cutey XD hahah


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