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Movie day out for Terminator Salvation

This week have a day out again with Exabytes colleague. Was originally wanted to watch Angels and Demons one, but Jin Wee keep rejecting, so choose this week go for Terminator Salvation, which I never see the previous episode before, haha XD Nevermind, watch it also.

This time we, manage to gather total of 9 people for the movie day out. XD
Who have joined are Alvin, Michael, Nicholas, Chris, Jin Wee, Sharon, Janus, Kevin, and Marccus.
And also we are all watching at Friday night, some of us include me still need to work at Saturday also joined, caused wanted to have some relax time as well, hehe.

9 tickets screenshot, Thanks to Kevin for help us purchase and book the tickets!

As usual, some of us go find for food before the movie start 7.45pm.

Here is Kevin enjoying his food. XD haha

The remaining also enjoying their meal as well. And I accidentally cpature this funny scene where Jin Wee maciam kena hit by Janus. Then Michael and Sharon was like shocked with the scene. Wakaka XD for sure real scene not like this =P

Another screen shot for some of us before go into the cinema.
Those missing in picture are...
Sharon and Jin Wee have gone to toilets, while Alvin on the way reaching QB. Chris running some where. Marccus was holding camera.

Then the show start.

As mention earlier, I never watch before the terminator movie. So this one is the first Terminator movie I watch. For me is feel like a war between human and machine ( abo then... -_-||| ) Then this time got a pre-built unit of cyborg where orignal name is Marcus Wright ( did they mean Marccus right? =X). This Marcus was a criminal being captured in cell and waiting for death sentence. Then Dr Koha come to ask for his contribution for getting his body. Then the story jump into 10 years later, where the war is now heavily enganged among the machine and human. The story then fight fight fight..

At nearly the end, the guy who name is John Connor is being wounded gao gao, then Marcus go to contribute his heart for Connor.

The story ended with.. "The war have not yet ended. There skynet network is still strong..."

So..., there will be continuing of next Terminator episode come out. Overall is ok lar, the movie, animation made is not bad. Can go watch it if you want to see hightech WoW effect, wakakak XD

For more details, you can visit link below:

For trailer, watch here.

- - - - - - - - - -

I think the next episode should be not bad also?
Will Marcus Wright still there?
Then just wait for it to come, wakaka XD

okie, late ady.. go rest, tomorrow still got work =P



  1. u have watched plenty of movies.

  2. Richard: haha, next week still have another one XD pending..

    CK: haha, after work go find something to fill the time only, XD

  3. wakaka XD Guan Guan, next time jio lu together lar =P


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