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Dzi, Started to love you~

Recently have some interst about dzi 天珠..

After wear it for few days, I feel that it do make me feel better.

but for those who also got interest to buy, do be aware of fake one.
Need some knowledge to recognize the fake or real one, i do in the process of learning =P

Here is the one I get recently.
Its a RuYi Dzi 如意天珠. Some says, it make people 万事如意,心想事成。 mean want what can get what. Ya, it limit to the good things lar of course, haha.

These thing actually function to improve the Qi of the person who wearing, don't have so special power one lar. Its the same as making oneself feel more positive. So when you think and feel positive, whatever good thing will attract to you. =)

It just so~~ pretty~
And I found some kind of mineral inside after borrow Ah Lian's magnifier look onto it. =)

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