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Gmail have Theme'd !

I just get signed into Gmail and guess what?

Now it can use to generate theme, or so called mail skin.
Haha, there are quite a number of choice to select. And is fast to apply to, can see the changes instantly as well.

To apply skin/theme, simply go to Setting > Theme

Here I show few that I've click'd =)




For few theme like Planet, you can actually make time setting, the theme will change according to your location in Earth. But they still have not given the choice for other planet, so those living in Mars,Venus, Jupiter or Pluto, can just only use simple one. Very sorry pal, you may send the complain to google if you felt the troubles, keke.

Enjoy another great features of Gmail.

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  1. Brilliant, google always came out so many multipurpose programs. Did you try its browser?

  2. haha, wenni, indeed google is strong. But I hav not yet try chrome. But I think once it end its beta version, the chrome may able to stand side by side with Firefox and safari, hehe


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