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To our beloved Ministers Yang Berhormat of whoever in-charge

Today I need to go back to my hometown Penang for some urgent things that happen in my family. And I go pudu to buy the ticket yesterday for the bus trip from KL-Pudu to Penang-Sg Nibong.

Not much people crowding the waiting hall in pudu and I straight go to one of the counter and slip here skip there to avoid any "aggressive-out-of-counter-ticket-seller"

I was afraid the tickets were sold off as I was last minute to buy it. Some more next week will be our holiday for Deepavali, -_-||| duh.. I must be aware there will dont know what illegal increment of ticket.

Surprisingly, there still lots of tickets to Penang (I taking Gxxxxx Rxxx bus, and trip is not during weekend)
and as expected, there are increment for the fee.
But surprisingly, there are very big word chopped there "+ Sur Caj 30%"

-_-||| what the.....

Do the goverment ever approve this kind of increment of ticket during festival? until 30% wor!!
was it because of petrol increment? cause I've quite some times did not take bus trip back to Penang.

If like this, then petrol price already slide down abit, there is still no adjustment, Do this Mean the price is still Expensive??
so.. Minister-minister yang berhormat, I think this is another hint for you all that the petrol dropping is still so minor and Bo feeling at all ler!

Petrol filling host: "Do you feel is there petrol price dropping?"
Petrol tank in car: "Got mier? no ar, where got??"
Petrol filling host: "really got ler! already drop from 2.70 to 2.30 MYR liao ler!!"
Petrol tank in car: "HARR!!??? Bo feeling at ALL ler!!~~~"

Here, lucky i found T610 to snap this pic.
See for your self!!


  1. WAHLAU..
    SURCHARGE 30%..
    Our government should force some of the basic items to be reduced price. Despite Malaysia's oil price decrease, food and utility still remained a high price!

    Have you all drank limau ais for RM1.80 before? Try visiting VG Curry house. Pipe water and lime with wrinkled dry skin costs RM1.80!

  2. keke, not only Limau Ais,
    Milo Ais RM 2.00 (will going increase i think)
    Kopi O panas RM 1.40 !!!

  3. huh, really mahal. ppl're still suffering, in the future, balik kampung also hv to think carefully d

  4. ya, just scare condition like this will produce more people with realistic mind, especially younger one..


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