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10 promises to my dog

Even I hav't watch it, But I also must recommend it!
And I'll find a way to Get it!

Nice Movie Intro~~

"10 Promises to My Dog"

This is the synopsis i get from GSC website.

"When 14-year-old Akari (Fukuda Mayuko) finds a Golden Retriever puppy in her backyard, her mother (Takashima Reiko) approves of her keeping the puppy on condition that she never forgets “The 10 Promises” of dog ownership. Together, they name the puppy “Socks” from her white paw markings, and Socks prove to be a faithful and devoted friend to Akari as she goes through many trials during her growing years. However, as time went by and Akari grew up (Tanaka Rena), she slowly forgets about “The 10 Promises”...until one fateful day, when she is cruelly reminded of those of “The 10 Promises” which she did and did not keep with Socks. "

The doggy is damn cute!!!~~~
Dog lovers must not miss this movie after Quill


  1. haha, movie with cute animals alway draw ppl interest and attn...

  2. Ck, I intro you another one also, "Helen the baby Fox" is a 2006 film =)


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