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marccus is hang, need restart. Overheat...

Human Daily Function Monitor System (H.D.F.M.S.)

Report generated:

Report ID: #HII-881023
ID: M19850909
Code name: Marccus the Cute Male
Internal Temperature: 38.5ºC
Ambient Temperature: 34ºC
Alert reported: Critical hang, unable to proceed further information retrieval
Alert level: 3rd Degree (Medium High Level)
Emotion status: Error
Vital organ function status: Error
Heart beat rate: Error
Breathing rate: Error
Immediate action require: Require manual re-boot
Possible damage caused: Head 20%, Skull 45%, Neck 50% (Due to faint down and hit on floor)

end of report. Beep!



  1. lend me your digital thermometer.

  2. wow, impressive, but the "action required" not so details, uncertain whether or not problem will be solved after re-boot..haha

  3. Richard: wakaka XD come to penang!~~ =P

    CK: keke, in future may have comprehensive report ady. XD


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