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Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, A Concert Like No Other

Philharmonic Orchestra
is coming Near!!

This weekend 18th April at KLCC Twin Tower, Philharmonic Hall.

Really hope able to get there and drown myself in the sea of musical notes!! ^^

Actually I don't know much about the art of Philharmonic Orchestra.
Maybe the name already describe what it mean?

Philharmonic Orchestra.

~the Orchestra that let you Feel Harmony~

haha XD

For some people may think its kind of Bore-some thingy.


Let me say it. It is a great piece of art that you should not miss in your life.

Because nowadays people like those idol possessed music =X
For youngster out there, you all should go and let yourself goes with the flow of music there.

Experience the different~

Experience the peace~

Release the stress that holding by you now~

(Man.. I sounds like old jerks =X)

I believe people may have different feeling for it
says like..

~~~Rolling wave~~~

***Amazing Spark***

===Peaceful Land===

Really, It's more amazing than what you can predict!
Especially when you on Live with them, I believe =)

Just visit their website for more details. Click this. Not this.



  1. too relaxing till I will fall asleep...mayb...

  2. haha, hey, u in KL. Must go have a listen on it! I'm sure u will like it de, keke

  3. ><" if i went there, i record for u,k?

  4. wakaka, nice.
    ask ur rumtum gang go together also lar XD


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