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How I get the name of Marccus

The name Marccus may seems new to some of my friend.
Its not my real name, it just a nick name, cause I'm not aleluya, so it can't be my christian name =P

This name appear from my dream actually.
and normally Marcus was used, but why there is additional "C"?
I not know the reason.
The dream that I had long time ago, let me have this name. And I forget what the dream is about, haha, XD, i don't have good memory.

I search in , for the name of Marcus (it don't have database for marccus =P), it said as below.


Gender: Masculine

Usage: Ancient Roman, English, Biblical (Variant)

Pronounced: MAHR-kəs (English)

Roman praenomen, or given name, which was probably derived from the name of the Roman god MARS. Famous Roman bearers of this name were Marcus Tullius Cicero (known simply as Cicero), a 1st-century BC statesman and orator, Marcus Antonius (known as Mark Antony), a 1st-century BC politician, and Marcus Aurelius, a notable 2nd-century emperor. This was also the name of a pope of the 4th century. This spelling has occasionally been used in the English-speaking world, though the traditional English form Mark has been more common.

ooo... got related to Roman gods wor, maciam so geng. XD
may be I'm able to release Kuai Po Hei Kong one. haha

Off all my doubt, the C i was always refer it to my lovely miao, Cathy.
And the the name consist of 7 alphabets, should be a lucky sign huh?

Now, even Cathy no longer with me. The name will still go on.
It will just like, always inside marcus, there will be cathy.

XD, haha, my crap again, sorry for my readers =P
Okie, its time to start the journey liao, poofff!~~


  1. You are missing her again :)

  2. Haha, you both ar.. XD

    ya, is I miss her again. haha.
    every breath, every minute, every second.
    until Marccus the name engraved on the white ceramic flask. haha.

  3. wah.. interesting. haha. got name from dream!

  4. haha, if i can get 4 digit number then best! XD


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