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Earth Hour Malaysia

Since last year I've being aware of this event. This year it come again, and feel good cause more and more people actually support it, from malaysia, haha.

Penang also kinda given big support to this event. I saw this big banner at the New World Park, which stated few scheduled event. Such as the one kind of interesting one, Car Free Day on 25 March. It just a make-a-pledge event. But when it come true, kinda great actually, ^^ imagine no car on road on 25 March every year, only have bicycle, haha (They forget to mention other CO2 emitting vehicle, bus, motorcycle... you know how malaysian mind are...)

So for those who have not hear about this event, What the heck is this!??

It's a global warming awareness event start in Sydney Australia on 2007 actually. and slowly spread to worldwide. It want people to off their light in their house for just one hour.

So what make the different?
See the video

First Happen in 2007.

Here for 2008

So... Some people may think, off light for one hour can save planet? What the heck is it!??
No... for me I think is.. it shows, how powerful it is when people united. Every single light bulb may represent every single human being.
If this powerful act implement onto the act such as, reduce plastic usage, reduce CO2 emission, reduce waste production, etc... Can you imagine? Can you imagine the different???

Act now, make a small step at one time. Feel the different youself when you are one of those who make the different. For the future of your sperm or children, let's join Earth Hour at 28 March this year too! Haha XD

Off light on 28 March 2009 Saturday, starting 8.30PM

Their website can be reach here.
Earth hour Global. click here. not here
Earth hour Malaysia. click here. not here

p/s: It is not necessary to off everything in your house. Just off the light is enough. Haha XD


  1. ya..i agree of wat marcuss said..i wonder to switch off whole house lights but i dun think my housemate will allow..tat housemate (girl) likes to waste electric one..haiz..

  2. haha, susan, you can share the youtube video to her. The video is quite inspiring actually. Help to raise her awareness is good. =)

  3. mehhh mehhh..nicole is here.

  4. Kambing nicole. haha XD

  5. yes, i strongly support this event..cheers

  6. Haha, great CK, ask your flatmate join together also. =)

  7. ya, sure will spread around

  8. you are the best CK, wakaka XD

  9. Good to see you spreading the message. The 60 minute blackout is a good campaign. I hope it grows into something bigger and more impactful next year.

  10. Hi Damien, Thanks for stopping by =)
    Hope the message from this event may impact us.

  11. but is ching ming, i abit scared leh. my melaka hause abit haunted de.

    Especially when im inside the house, it become exceptionally haunted

  12. ya hor, nvm, borrow soem amulet from temple first. hehe, rent for one hour, XD


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