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Digi 3G Wireless Broadband

One thing I like Digi is..
for consumer to choose... Haha XD

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Actually I do saw the Digi 3G ( comes to town few weeks ago, but didn't really go bother it.

Until... I really get frustrated by the capping... Due to over-use, and have not pay the bills may be =)

And also, I just terminate my fixed line yesterday in Queensbay, keke. Due to I'm not using it for many months. And it's hard to read the bill on Maxis actually. Cause there are lots of Value-ADDED fees, that need to be carefully on them. Else if accidentally checked for certain service. It will appeared on your bill.

Now, Digi have let me have some options.
They offer three plans,
and called them Discover, Explore, Extreme.
Also let you have comparison with others packages s s s.

~+ Discover +~
(click on picture to enlarge)

~++ Explore ++~
(click on picture to enlarge)

~+++ Extreme +++~
(click on picture to enlarge)

I really enjoy see all the comparison made, Haha XD
And if you are frustrated user of other service provider and not sure which Digi 3G plan you can chose, don't worry. There is a survey section to help you get what you want.

So, after you answer three simple questions, you know who you are...
For me,
I'm a Explorer! Wakaka

I'm really kinda attracted to it and wanna see how good it can be..
But first, let's check whether the service cover your area or not. There's also a page for you to check it. There are quite widely covered in KL ya? (Green is 3G signal, while Yellow is Edge signal)

So, how about Penang state? Not bad huh? But still seems not much coverage for 3G...

Let's Zoom in to have a look... I think if not wrong, it ngam ngam cover my area where I stay now actually, Hahaha XD

So... Shall I make a move?

One thing left in my mind now is...
How am I gonna return the modem to Maxis? (You all know what I did last year ya? =P)

Now I guest I just need some luck for the process of un-subscribing.
Wish me Luck when I go to Maxis Center there, Hahaha XD


  1. Erm.. Broadband and 3G is different.. No?

  2. Broadband is mean the signal of telecommunication. While 3G is mean the types of signals including HSDPA and WDCMA.
    Hope I make it right. haha XD

  3. When a telecommunication bandwidth reach a certain limit of speed it is called broadband.

    And 3G is the short form of 3rd Generation indicate the 3rd generation of telecommunication (which is usually indicate by the speed and bandwidth of the telecommunication).
    Anything that is running on that range of bandwidth and speed are called 3Gs

  4. Hi miao. haha XD Thanks for the explanation. I'm now more clear of what they are, hehe.

  5. anyway, it's great, but i not sure my h.twn support bo, cos last time edge also didn't have strong signal

  6. CK, mm, i think should have improvement ler.
    Digi is competitive to its rivals, keke. Next after you work few years and came back, it would be get more better ady. hehehe


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