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Back to normal, at least..

Finally my mum is able to out discharge from ward on Sat.
She have being rest there since wed. but now is better a bit at least for her condition.
Doctor have teach how to prevent the sudden black out again. Yet, it still will occurs and need long time to recover.

Really thanks Yee Kai for fetching me home when I reach Penang on Wed, where I get called from my sis when I reaching Penang bridge, said she bring mum to Hospital first cause mum having serious black out again.

Once reach home then go to Loh Guan Lye hospital first to collect the MRI, X-ray film there to bring to Nam Wah Ee for the doctor's review there.

Then was take turn to look after mum in hospital since then. After get diagnose by Dr Ng, he said the inflamation in the middle ear was spreading abit. So it need time for recovery.

After few days of quiet rest and injection of ciprobay. Mum condition do recover abit.
Doctor also allow her to discharge if she willing to do so.

Then on Sun, sis bring everyone go have breakfast in New World Park's Old Town. Was want to let big aunt who came back from Australia in visiting Malaysia to have the taste for Old Town lar. haha.

The little niece was quite enjoy the food there also.

Yet, he still like to post onto camera. haha.

The sky in Penang was in peace.

The same, I still like craving Kopi O..

Then we go to Queensbay at noon time.
The kids were enjoy their World there.

And you can see some scene always.
Ah Xin was spotted something while she playing the roller block. Guess what?

Yeah, she want to go and fight to get that car with her brother. Don't get fooled by this little girl's cute face. She is fierce than her brother. Can't imagine when she grow up. wakaka XD

After some how, Ah shen was able to maintain in the car. I also don't know what happen actually.

Cause I was enjoy digging nose and plugging nose hair outside their world, while my little sis was inside taking care those two devils. Wakaka peace outside~ XD

And I think I'd better go get a new job faster. Wish me luck, haha XD


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