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A long live country

Recent Update found in news, shows that..

in Thailand
Anti-government issue. Ref Link 

in India
Mumbai terrorist attack. Ref Link

in Taiwan
Ah Pian issue. Ref Link

in Somalia 
Pirates attack. Ref Link

etc. etc.. etc... 

in My homeland @ Malaysia
Discussing about Yoga. Ref Link 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
Thank God. I have a ~*wonderful*~ Life.  

How should I Comment?
I really wonder how those Statement Maker grow up their kids. 
Hmm, more interesting about it. haha

Anyway, Just bravo to them! 

So, next time when people ask.. 

people: "Dude, How is Malaysia?"
Me: "Ow. Great! Malaysia are such a Peaceful and Healthy Country."
people: "Wao!~ So nice~"
Me: "Yea. You will have a lots of laugh everyday."

Long Live all my Friends. 


  1. haha..this year really a disaster for the world, hope nxt yr will be better

  2. i don't think next year our government still can produce all these jokes again, it is even worse for next year financial crisis, and this government maybe the only one in this world still happily produce all these jokes for us now.

  3. Haha, ck, probably those are the issues come out when global population getting crowded. Stress-up, too free, nothing to do.

    wen ni, our government still needs more time to evolve their brain. This is just a matter of time, wait, patientS~~~

  4. haha
    a real funny piece!
    our gov is WTF la..
    WTF starts with WAY, not WHAT the F***)

  5. haha, ange, i think u mean Way Too Free, keke


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